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Back Molars: Do They Need to be Replaced After a Tooth Extraction

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If you’ve lost a tooth in the back of your mouth, you might already realize this is fairly common. People lose back molars for many reasons, including tooth decay, a broken tooth, trauma, or gum disease. Because it probably doesn’t show when you smile, you may not have considered getting the tooth replaced.

But even when teeth aren’t visible after loss, it’s still important to replace them to protect the health of the rest of your mouth. At our Burnaby, BC dental clinic, ...

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Do I Need an Extraction?

Illustration of Tooth Being Extracted | Dentist Burnaby BC

The best way to determine if dental extractions will solve your dental health issue is to contact our Burnaby, BC dental clinic to arrange an exam. We take the recommendation for a dental extraction seriously and try to save natural teeth whenever possible. An exam and x-rays in our Burnaby dental clinic will provide the information necessary for an accurate diagnosis.

In the meantime, here are a few signs that you could benefit from a tooth extraction.

Your Wisdom Teeth Feel Painful

If you are an older teen or young adult and you have noticed that the gums toward the back of your mouth feel irritated, or if you have developed jaw ...

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