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A Better Option Than Traditional Surgery for Treating Advanced Gum Disease

Woman smiling | Burnaby BC Dentist

If you are struggling with severe periodontal disease, you might have been dreading traditional gum disease surgery. The good news is that you have another option. Laser gum surgery, also known as Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®) protocol, at our Burnaby, BC dental clinic offers patients many advantages.

What It Means to Opt for LANAP Over Traditional Gum Surgery

Patients who undergo the LANAP procedure experience many advantages:

  • With lasers, there is no need to “cut” the gums, so there are no stitches after treatment. This dramatically speeds up the healing time after treatment.
  • There is minimal bleeding with laser gum surgery.
  • The heat of the laser sterilizes the gum pockets, which lessens ...

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Are Dental Implants Worth the Investment?

Dental implant | Dentist Burnaby BC

If you are facing the loss of one or more teeth, you have likely spent some time researching tooth replacement options. At our Burnaby, BC dental clinic, we offer a number of tooth replacement options, but our patients who replace missing teeth with dental implants are by far the happiest with their decision.

Why Dental Implants?

Dental implants have numerous benefits, including:

  • Dental implants take the place of your natural tooth root and permanently integrate into the jawbone where the tooth root is missing. After they are surgically placed, it takes anywhere from four to six months before they are fully integrated and can be completed with a dental crown. Because they ...

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Dental Crowns Can Improve Your Smile

dental crowns | Burnaby BC Dentist

Dental crowns are essentially tooth covers that cap a damaged tooth, restoring its size, shape, and function. For example, if you have an old, large filling in your back molar, over time this filling will begin to pull away from the tooth; it can also cause the tooth to develop a fracture. When too much of the tooth has been prepared to make room for such a large filling, there isn’t enough of the tooth structure left to replace the filling. Instead, a dental crown fits over the tooth and restores its function. Dental crowns are made to blend in seamlessly with your surrounding teeth, so it looks completely ...

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Back Molars: Do They Need to Be Replaced after Extraction?

Coupe smiling | Burnaby BC Dentist

If you’ve lost a tooth in the back of your mouth, you might already realize this is fairly common. People lose back molars for many reasons, including tooth decay, a broken tooth, trauma, or gum disease. Because it probably doesn’t show when you smile, you may not have considered getting the tooth replaced.

But even when teeth aren’t visible after loss, it’s still important to replace them to protect the health of the rest of your mouth. At our Burnaby, BC dental clinic, our dentists can go over options for tooth replacement if you have had an extraction. Just give us a call to make an appointment for a consultation.

Why ...

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What to Expect During a Root Canal

Diagram of Root Canal | Burnaby BC Dentist

Most people have an innate fear of the root canal because of their bad reputation. Although root canals are usually associated with pain, it’s usually the pain of a toothache rather than the pain of the procedure itself. With modern dentistry, root canals are painless procedures that can alleviate the pain of your toothache—and it can save your tooth from needing extraction.

Here is more information on what you can expect when you come to our Burnaby, BC dental clinic for a root canal.

When Root Canals Are Needed

If you suddenly start to notice that a tooth is sensitive to hot or cold foods or beverages, and that sensitivity turns into a ...

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What Is the “Angry 11” and How Do You Treat It?

If you have two lines, or furrows, between your eyebrows, you already know what the “angry 11” is. These two lines are also sometimes referred to as “angry resting face” because the lines make people look like they are angry or annoyed—even when their face is at rest. The lines are usually a result of squinting, frowning, or thinking, and they tend to get worse as people get older.

Patients at our Burnaby, BC dental clinic have found that BOTOX Cosmetic works wonders on these lines. Let’s take a look at how BOTOX works.

What Is BOTOX Cosmetic?

BOTOX, or Botulinum Toxin, is an injection that paralyzes the muscles at the injection ...

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Are Dentures a Good Tooth Replacement Option?

Dentures | Dentist Burnaby BC

As we age, daily wear and tear take its toll on our teeth, and they can gradually start to break down. At some point, you may experience tooth loss and need to consider what type of replacement is the best choice for you.

Full and partial dentures are a time-tested tooth replacement that is popular because they are a good solution that works well for most people. And, contrary to what you might think, a beautiful set of new dentures can significantly improve the appearance of your teeth. Dentures can give you back your beautiful smile and fill out the shape of your mouth and cheeks for a more youthful appearance. Better ...

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