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BOTOX for Headaches and Jaw Pain

BOTOX for Jaw Pain and Headaches

Are you looking for BOTOX treatment in Burnaby, BC? Your dentist might be able to provide you with exactly that!

You have probably heard of BOTOX in regards to cosmetic treatment and for wrinkle prevention. Maybe you have not heard the lesser-known use for BOTOX - to reduce jaw and headache pain.

At our Burnaby, BC dental practice, we can use BOTOX to help you feel better, experience fewer headaches, and to reduce annoying jaw pain.

BOTOX works by reducing your muscles’ ability to move. Not completely, however, you will still have facial expressions, smile, and frown. It works by relaxing your muscles – how much depends on the dose of BOTOX that ...

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What Happens During a Dental Cleaning?

Burnaby BC Dental Cleaning

If you are looking for a dentist in Burnaby, BC and it has been awhile since you visited the dentist, you may wonder what will happen during your next dental cleaning. At Central Park Dental Clinic, you can expect a full evaluation of your teeth and gums so that we can determine the type of dental cleaning that will work best for you. We look for signs of gum disease such as bleeding, swollen gums, and tartar along your gum line so we can address it immediately.

Dental cleanings are not one-size-fits-all. If you maintain regular care, you can expect us to remove any plaque or tartar and polish ...

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How BOTOX is Used in Dentistry

TMJ Treatment with BOTOX in Burnaby BC

You have probably heard of BOTOX Cosmetic and thought of as being associated with cosmetic facial injections. While it is true that many people use BOTOX to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, BOTOX has a number of practical uses, especially in dentistry.

Relieves TMJ Pain - BOTOX works by weakening muscles and allowing them to relax. Since we use muscles constantly, such as squinting, laughing, and concentrating, ...

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Damaged Teeth can Be Treated with Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions in Burnaby BC

Having a beautiful smile is not just about looks! The proper restorations can actually improve the function and comfort of your smile. Many dental conditions can be treated or repaired with cosmetic dentistry. 

If you have severely worn, cracked, or chipped teeth, your teeth are at a greater risk of developing decay and additional damage. Your enamel is the protective covering over your teeth and when it is compromised, your tooth structure becomes unstable.

By treating your worn teeth, we can protect them! Two of the most common ways to repair damaged teeth is with dental bonding and dental crowns. Cosmetic dental bonding works by filling in chips and gaps in ...

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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from Central Park Dental

Our official pumpkin heads for the season - A patient with braces being treated by his/her dentist!

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