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Are DIY braces a good option?

girl smiling | Burnaby BC DentistYou might have noticed the number of YouTube videos and articles floating through social media about do-it-yourself braces. Kids are using everything from paperclips to rubber bands and even aluminum foil to move their teeth on their own without a dentist.

Problems Caused by DIY Braces

Not only can DIY braces cause short-term problems such as cuts and abrasions on the gum tissue, but it can also cause long-term issues such as bone loss and poor occlusion (a bad bite). Teeth should never be moved without the supervision of a dentist or orthodontist with the proper training and experience to ensure that the end result allows for proper jaw function and chewing.

Professional Orthodontic Treatments

If you are interested in achieving a straight smile for improved function or aesthetics and need a dentist in the Burnaby, BC area, we welcome new patients and will guide you through the orthodontic process in a way that gives you great results and protects your oral health in the meantime. Proper orthodontic care requires knowledge of the teeth, jaw, bone and bite. Taking your smile into your own hands could permanently damage your teeth and bone, even leading to tooth loss.

Braces are an investment in your health and your smile that lasts forever. Put away the paperclips and rubber bands and come learn about our effective options.