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What happens during a dental cleaning?

Woman sitting in dental chair smiling | Dentist Burnaby BCDental cleanings are an essential part of the preventive oral health care we provide. Even patients who take impeccable care of their teeth need to have professional cleanings to remove the tartar that develops in difficult-to-brush areas such as at the gumline and between teeth.

What To Expect During a Dental Cleaning 

The dental cleanings in our Burnaby, BC dental clinic include a periodontal evaluation where our hygienist will measure the space between your teeth and gums. Having pocketing in your gums is an indication of periodontal disease and will require a special type of cleaning to resolve the issue.

We will also examine each tooth, looking for signs of recession, fractures, or other conditions. If our hygienist finds something that requires your attention, they will alert Dr. Chan immediately.

A scale and polish is the portion of your dental cleaning where our hygienist removes tartar, surface stains, and plaque from the teeth. Your teeth will feel smooth and fresh after this portion of your appointment.

In many cases, your dental cleaning appointment is a great time to take dental x-rays, which assist in the early diagnosis of dental conditions such as decay, infection, fractures, and old dentistry that is breaking down.

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