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What to do if I have a Dental Emergency during COVID-19?

During this prolonged period when many dental offices are not opened, dental emergencies are almost to be expected.

At Central Park Dental, we want our patients to know that our dental office is one of the safest places to be. We are vigilant about keeping a clean and sterilized office. Even with the recent COVID-19 outbreak, if you feel dental pain, don’t hesitate to call us for advice. We do our best to see how we can help.

First and foremost, we ask that you not come in if you are feeling sick or showing symptoms of the coronavirus (i.e. dry cough, fever, muscle aches, runny nose, etc). for the sake of our dental professionals, staff, and other patients.

When Should I Brave COVID-19 and Book an Emergency Exam?

Traditional dental emergencies are any critical, painful conditions that limit function. We see patients for anything from broken teeth, to chipped teeth, to lost fillings—essentially anything that makes it hard to function, or anything that hurts. Dr. Chan, Rensen, and Chu will be able to treat you right away in our Burnaby dental office. 

HOWEVER, during COVID-19, true dental emergencies are limited to potentially life-threatening conditions such as rapidly developing infections, traumas that compromise the person's ability to breathe, uncontrolled bleeding, and uncontrolled pain. Other more urgent situations include localized infection of the gums and/or teeth, pain associated with fractured or displaced tooth/teeth. If you suffer any of the life-threatening situations, we ask you to call our office and the answering message will direct you to one of our dentists who will be able to direct you further.

For the non-urgent conditions that affect function, please consider the following products or products similar to them:

  • Chipped/cracked tooth that is sharp to tongue - use emery board to temporarily file the sharp edges down; avoid chewing on the broken tooth to avoid further damage. Nail file
  • Soft tissue trauma, cold sores, or even toothaches - use Orajel to help minimise pain (remember to use sparingly and follow instructions on package) Package of Orajel
  • Filling that has fallen out; orthodontic bracket irritation, sharp uneven surface - orthodontic wax can help GUM Orthodontic Wax
  • Crowns that have fallen out - if the tooth is in a non-cosmetic area, it is better to leave the crown off to reduce the chance of swallowing the crown or worse aspirating it which can be a life-threatening situation. If it is in the critical cosmetic area, can consider denture adhesive but be mindful of it coming loose potentially going down the throat or the windpipe! Fixodent

How am I protected when I come to the dental office during COVID-19 and after?

We are one of the first offices in the Lower Mainland to incorporate Surgical Clean Air to help to filter out large floating particulates, electrostatically remove charged ones, and most importantly killed bacteria and viruses through UV-light disinfection. For more information, please visit their website.

We also implement the highest standards of cleanliness and sterilization protocols, only using OSHA-approved disinfectants to stop the spread of infectious diseases. Our medical-grade cleaners and disinfectants kill and stop bacteria and viruses.

We use OSHA-approved sterilization techniques before and after every patient. Patients don’t have to worry about picking up the coronavirus from our dental team. We make sure that all surfaces are cleaned and sterilized in every room dozens of times per day, including common rooms like waiting rooms, reception desks, door handles, and treatment rooms. Many of our instruments are single-use; once used, we safely dispose of them. 

We are committed to keeping all our patients, staff, and their families safe by practising screening, careful precautions, and high level of infection control.

How Can I Keep My Family’s Smiles Safe While We Can’t Book Our Standard Cleanings? 

If you cannot book your routine hygiene and exam, there are many things you and your family can do to keep their smiles healthy and strong. 

  • Diet—The foods and drinks you enjoy can help keep your teeth healthy (e.g. apples, celery). Takes lots of vitamin C (e.g. oranges, kiwi) to boost your immune system.
  • Avoid Sodas and Sweets—With the whole family at home, it can be very tempting to sit around and drink soda and eat cookies—don’t! Keeping your teeth cavity and decay-free by avoiding sugar snacks and drinks.
  • Hygiene—Don’t slack off on regular brushing and flossing, now especially is a critical time to maintain a daily routine.
  • Hydrate—A vital way to stay healthy—and to keep your teeth disease-free—is to drink plenty of water.
  • Brushing Habits—Our extra time at home together as a family could be used productively. One good thing to do is to work on our brushing and flossing habits.

A lot of dental emergencies can be prevented with good oral hygiene and regular hygiene treatment. Please give us a call to pre-book your next dental cleaning. We ask that you do not come in if you or anyone in your family has contracted coronavirus. We are vigilant in keeping our patients and staff safe and healthy. 

If you or your family has a dental emergency, we will work hard to see you as soon as possible. We will be able to provide the tooth pain relief you need whether by seeing you at the office or through phone consultation. Please call our Burnaby dental office when you Have a Dental Emergency.


!!!  As the COVID Pandemic winds down, please click HERE for the latest update (Last updated May 30th, 2022)
Please also check out our guide to "What to do if I have a Dental Emergency during COVID-19?"  !!!