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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Dental Extractions

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Are you looking for a new dental home? You probably have a lot of questions about what treatment will be like in our office and which services we offer. We listed some of our most common questions here, but if your specific question is not listed, please give us a call or email us from the handy form on our Contact page

We look forward to answering your questions and to seeing you in our office.

Dental Extractions

Sometimes, teeth treated with root canal therapy develop brittle roots, calling for gentle and precise extraction. Your dentist wants to remove the tooth cleanly while preserving the bone. This approach helps make the space ready for a possible dental implant.

What Is a Root Canal Burnaby, BC?

A root canal treatment removes infected pulp and tissues from the central canal of a tooth. Without treatment, the infection typically becomes painful, and the gum swells. You may also notice a blister on the gum near the pain source. A root canal treatment gets rid of the pain and swelling, and then we retore the tooth’s structure with a dental crown.

If the infection is severe and the tooth breaks below the gumline, your dentist may talk to you about extraction instead of treatment followed by tooth replacement. Tooth replacement is essential to maintain your smile and oral health.

Gentle Tooth Extractions Near Me

If your treated tooth requires extraction, we provide gentle treatment in a relaxing environment. We also ensure the treatment site is numb before starting work.

Contact Your Burnaby, BC, Dentist Today for Tooth Extractions

For more information about gentle dental extractions or to arrange a consultation with the dentist, give us a call today.

man holding jaw from toothacheIf you suspect you need a dental extraction, contacting your Burnaby, BC dentist is the best way to get a definitive answer. At Central Park Dental Clinic, we never recommend an extraction lightly. Typically, other than the routine removal of wisdom teeth, an extraction is often the last resort because it is usually simpler and less expensive to take care of the teeth you already have.

Dental Issues That May Require a Dental Extraction

Here are some of the common conditions that require a dental extraction:

  • Untreatable infection
  • Split or severely broken tooth
  • Periodontitis
  • Deep decay
  • Unresolved pain
  • Unsuccessful root canal treatment

When you arrive in our Burnaby, BC dental clinic, we often begin by taking an x-ray of the area to determine the status of the tooth. Dr. Chan will then discuss any conditions he identified and discuss all of your treatment options with you.

Comfortable Tooth Extractions in Burnaby 

If you do require a dental extraction, we want to reassure you that we always prioritise patient comfort and will ensure that your procedure is pain-free by using effective anaesthetic techniques and following up with your surgical care to make sure you heal properly.

When appropriate, we offer a number of tooth-replacement options for patients to choose from.

Dental Extraction Patients who come to us often believe that extraction is the only option to resolve a painful or diseased tooth. In reality, dental extraction is our last treatment recommendation at our Burnaby, BC dental clinic, and we only remove a damaged tooth when root canals, dental crowns, and other restorative options fail.

When a Dental Extraction Might Be Necessary

Some of the reasons we might need to remove a damaged tooth include:

  • Unresponsive to root canal treatment
  • Broken at or below the gumline
  • Problematic wisdom teeth
  • Overcrowding 
  • Resistant to treatments that relieve pain
  • When planning for complete dentures

Before suggesting a dental extraction, our Burnaby, BC dental team will evaluate the tooth and potential treatment options. We will go over all of these options, along with their benefits, limitations, and risks at your consultation appointment. We use education aids, such as intraoral cameras and x-rays to show you your own tooth. Having all of the information empowers our patients to make an educated choice that works best for their smiles.

If you do require an extraction that leaves a gap in your smile, we offer plenty of natural-looking options to give you your smile back.

Call Our Burnaby BC Dental Clinic

Contact us to book your next dental appointment. Our experienced dentists will happily discuss all of your treatment options.

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