Dental Cleanings in Burnaby

The best way to protect your oral health is by having a good preventive routine at home and regular visits to your dentist.

Brushing and flossing regularly is an important part of maintaining your oral hygiene. Even if you are diligent, however, you simply cannot remove all of the plaque and tartar from the difficult-to-reach areas of your teeth. That is why we recommend periodic professional dental cleanings to support excellent oral health.

Woman flossing teeth before dental cleaningImportance of Preventive Dentistry in Burnaby, BC

Most dental conditions do not display any symptoms until they are well advanced, which can put your oral health at risk and lead to more complex treatment options. At Central Park Dental Clinic, it is our goal to help patients avoid serious oral conditions that lead to tooth loss or gum disease.

In some cases, especially for patients who have had advanced gum disease called periodontitis, we may even recommend that you come back to our dentist in Burnaby, BC every three or four months until your condition is under control.

Our recommendations are customised for your oral health needs because no two patients are alike!

Why Seeing the Dentist Every Six Months Is Crucial

A visit to the dental clinic every six months may seem like a big commitment if you’re healthy. Your good oral health probably has a lot to do with your dedication to the care of your teeth and gums. That is why six-month dental checkups are so important! Your regular dental exams provide our Burnaby, BC dentists with an opportunity to look for any changes in your oral health. They provide a comprehensive oral exam, oral cancer screening, and an evaluation of each tooth to help you avoid many common dental conditions that patients experience.

Professional Dental Cleanings Near Metrotown

Dental cleanings are an essential part of the preventive oral health care we provide. Even patients who take impeccable care of their teeth need to have professional cleanings to remove the tartar that develops in difficult-to-brush areas such as at the gumline and between teeth.

When you visit Central Park Dental Clinic, you can expect a comfortable and thorough tooth cleaning. Our hygienists are highly skilled at removing plaque and bacteria from your teeth and below your gum line, leaving you with a fresh, clean, and comfortable smile that is free from infection.

Professional dental cleanings at our Burnaby, BC dental clinic include plaque and tartar removal, polishing, and a periodontal evaluation to determine the health of your gums. Having pocketing in your gums is an indication of periodontal disease and will require a special type of cleaning to resolve the issue.

A scale and polish is the portion of your dental checkup where our hygienist removes tartar, surface stains, and plaque from the teeth. Your teeth will feel smooth and fresh after this portion of your appointment. We will also examine each tooth, looking for signs of recession, fractures, or other conditions.

In some cases, we may recommend fluoride treatments to our Metrotown, BC dental patients to strengthen your enamel and protect against decay. Some patients stay healthy with just two professional teeth cleanings per year; however, the frequency of your professional dental checkups will depend upon your health needs.

In many cases, your Burnaby, BC dental cleaning appointment is a great time to take dental x-rays, which assist in the early diagnosis of dental conditions such as decay, infection, fractures, and old dentistry that is breaking down.

young girl brushing teeth with momWhen Children Should See the Dentist

We recommend to our patients that they bring their children in for an examination by the age of one and subsequent every six months for a checkup. Children at this age have a keen sense of their surroundings and are very curious about the different things they see and feel. While we may or may not be able to do a complete examination, this gives a perfect opportunity for your children to familiarize themselves with their dental office environments. They can see, hear, smell, and touch different items while they are in the dental chair and react according to their personalities.

We ask our patients not to "prepare" their children prior to their visits to the dental office or use phrases like "it is not going to hurt" when talking to them about their Burnaby, BC dental appointments. Children are very perceptive and would wonder why Mom and Dad never "prepare" them before going out to eat or to swim but only before a medical or dental appointment. Even if such phrases are not used, they would often feel your apprehension if you yourself have ill feelings going to the dentist. It is often better to keep your answers brief when your children ask about their dental appointments and let them decide how they feel in our Burnaby, BC dental practice.

What to Expect During a Child's Dental Appointment

These appointments allow us to screen for any unusual developmental patterns in your children early and answer your questions specifically pertaining to your children. If we discover nothing unusual about their development, these appointments allow your children to have "good" experiences at the dental office. If and when they do require treatment beyond the regular dental check-ups, they are at least familiar with the surroundings of the dental office, have developed a level of trust with the dentist and staff, and know from previous experiences that they will be treated well. Dental treatment is often much more difficult in unfamiliar surroundings and provided by strangers when your children are already in discomfort.

Give our Burnaby, BC dental office a call today to schedule your child's next visit!

Periodontal (Gum) Disease Treatment

The main cause of periodontal disease among our Burnaby, BC dental patients is poor home care and a lack of professional dental care, though genetics, some medical conditions, medications, and certain lifestyle factors also play a role in the health of your gums. When you come to our Metrotown dental office, Drs. Chan, Rensen, Chu, or Day will perform a thorough exam to determine the health of your teeth and gums as well as make any recommendations for treatment.

Older couple smilingWhen your gums are healthy, they fit snugly around your teeth, creating a tight seal. If you have an infection, your gums may have pocketing that can collect plaque and bacteria, causing a serious infection. Some common symptoms of gum disease commonly seen in our Burnaby, BC dental patients include:

In its early stages, called gingivitis, gum disease can be reversed with the proper professional treatment and good oral hygiene habits. In the later stages, called periodontitis, you may require more extensive treatment or even surgery.

For most periodontal cases, we offer treatment in the form of a specialised dental cleaning to remove bacteria, calculus (tartar), and infection from above and below your gum line. We also may recommend site-specific antibiotic treatments or medicated rinses to assist in proper healing. In order to stay healthy, we may recommend more frequent dental cleanings until you completely heal.

Timely treatment of periodontal disease is essential to protecting your overall health. Researchers discovered a link between periodontal disease and systemic conditions such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Healthy teeth and gums support your overall health!

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