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Advanced Laser Dental Technology for Your Family

March 16, 2021
Posted By: Dr. Roger Chan
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At Central Park Dental Clinic, we believe that staying up to date on the latest dental technologies makes treatment easier and more enjoyable for our patients. When you visit us and entrust us with your dental health, we, in turn, want to provide you with the very best treatments available. 

For patients who struggle with periodontal disease, commonly known as “gum disease,” we offer an advanced, streamlined, and alternative method to traditional surgical interventions. We believe our LANAP laser gum dentistry is the best form of gum disease treatment around, and we’ve seen firsthand the benefits choosing laser dentistry in Burnaby can have over standard gum surgery. 

What does laser gum dentistry do?

Once gum disease progresses beyond its initial stage of gingivitis and becomes periodontitis, the inflammation and infection present within the gums become a major threat to the surrounding teeth and jaw bone. 

When a patient lives with periodontitis and has this chronic infection in their mouth, dentists often turn to surgery to remove the bacteria and restore the gums to health. Traditionally, dentists accomplish this by using handheld instruments to cut away existing gum tissue and pull it back so treatment teams can clean around the area before using sutures to close the gums back up.

Our Metrotown dental office instead uses laser gum dentistry to accomplish this same objective. With an advanced laser system known as LANAP, we can more precisely target the unwanted bacteria that cause gum disease while preserving a larger amount of existing gum tissue. Laser surgery is less painful than traditional gum surgery, and the body tends to heal more quickly after using lasers versus using handheld instruments. 

Why should I choose a dentist who offers laser gum dentistry?

Laser gum dentistry is not a typical procedure performed at every dental office. Burnaby dentists who offer this technology to their patients must receive additional training, as the technique is advanced and specialized. 

When you choose a dentist who offers laser treatment for gum disease, you know that you’re choosing a dentist who really cares about their patients and wants them to have faster healing times, simpler recoveries, and more precise surgery. 

If you’re interested in scheduling periodontal laser treatment “near me” in the Burnaby area, please call our Central Park Dental Clinic treatment team today on (604) 438-5261

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