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Advancements in Dentures That You Can Get Excited About

July 25, 2018
Posted By: Fanny Chu, DMD
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While we do our best to help patients avoid tooth loss, sometimes life has other plans. If you are facing dental extractions, you probably have some questions about complete and partial dentures. Our Burnaby, BC dentists are here to help you feel confident in your choice of teeth replacement therapy.

From implants and bridges to modern dentures, Central Park Dental Clinic carefully explains your options, along with the benefits of each, helping you make the best choice for your smile and oral health.

In the past, patients did not appreciate the false-looking option of replacing teeth with dentures. Until recent decades, dentures were fairly utilitarian and not necessarily designed for aesthetics. When choosing complete and partial dentures in our Burnaby, BC dental clinic, you can count on both function and a beautiful smile.

Advancements in Denture Technology

Denture teeth are no longer one-size-fits-all – Did you know that your teeth are unique? Your facial structure, colouring, and gender all play a role in the size, colour, and shape of your teeth. Forget the vision of your grandparents' dentures. Our dentists will choose teeth that look natural for you.

Metal components are less visible – While metal clasps may still secure partial dentures to your natural teeth, they are much smaller and placed in a way that enables you to smile with confidence.

Dentures are lightweight – With acrylic and flexible options, today’s dentures weigh less. This means they stay in your mouth more easily.

Implants can lock dentures in place – If you are tired of ill-fitting dentures, modern dentures can benefit from implants or mini-implants to lock them in securely. This eliminates the movement and embarrassment associated with dentures of the past. You can also eat a wider variety of foods because of the added stability.

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