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How BOTOX is Used in Dentistry

May 17, 2016
Posted By: Roger Chan, DMD
TMJ Treatment with BOTOX in Burnaby BC

You have probably heard of BOTOX Cosmetic and thought of as being associated with cosmetic facial injections. While it is true that many people use BOTOX to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, BOTOX has a number of practical uses, especially in dentistry.

Relief from TMJ Pain

Relieves TMJ Pain - BOTOX works by weakening muscles and allowing them to relax. Since we use muscles constantly, such as squinting, laughing, and concentrating, over time they can cause wrinkles. By treating those muscles with BOTOX, it helps those muscles relax and allows the creases in your skin to disappear. 

BOTOX works very much the same way with TMJ pain. Your jaw muscles are some of the strongest in your body and when you subconsciously overwork them, it can cause fatigue, pain, and swelling. By treating your jaw muscles with BOTOX, it reduces some of their strength so that you cannot bear down as hard and cause pain or damage. It can reduce the force you apply during clenching and grinding, especially when used in conjunction with a mouthguard.

Relief from Headache Pain in Burnaby

Relieves headaches - Botox helps muscles relax. If you are one of the people who carry tension in their face, neck, and head, we can use BOTOX to reduce that tension, relieving or reducing your headaches.

Cosmetic Uses for BOTOX

Of course, if you would like to try BOTOX for cosmetic purposes, we can help you with that, too. Common areas where BOTOX is used to reduce wrinkles include around the eyes, between the eyebrows, and near the corners of your mouth.

It is important to remember that BOTOX is temporary and will last for 3-6 months. It may be necessary to receive another BOTOX treatment after that time.

If you are looking for BOTOX to relieve some dental symptoms in Burnaby, BC, give our office a call. We look forward to discussing the many ways which BOTOX can keep you more comfortable and more beautiful. 

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