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BOTOX for Headaches and Jaw Pain

July 20, 2016
Posted By: Roger Chan, DMD
Man holding jaw in pain

Are you looking for BOTOX treatment in Burnaby, BC? Your dentist might be able to provide you with exactly that!

You have probably heard of BOTOX in regards to cosmetic treatment and for wrinkle prevention. Maybe you have not heard the lesser-known use for BOTOX - to reduce jaw and headache pain.

Relief From Headache and Jaw Pain

At our Burnaby, BC dental practice, we can use BOTOX to help you feel better, experience fewer headaches, and to reduce annoying jaw pain.

BOTOX works by reducing your muscles’ ability to move. Not completely, however, you will still have facial expressions, smile, and frown. It works by relaxing your muscles – how much depends on the dose of BOTOX that you receive.

BOTOX treatment in your jaw muscles can reduce the damage you do to your teeth by limiting the power of your jaw muscles. You can still chew carrots and enjoy a steak from the barbecue, all while getting some relief.

BOTOX in Dentistry

It will take about a week or two for the BOTOX to take full effect. You will start to notice that facial tension, jaw pain, and headaches begin to subside. BOTOX is not a solution to problems with tension or teeth grinding, but reduces many symptoms, giving our patients the relief that they desperately seek.

We can place BOTOX near the eyes, in the forehead, around the corners of your mouth, and in your jaw muscles depending on the results you desire. BOTOX can reduce wrinkles and give you relief from the tension you deal with every day.

Most people who opt for BOTOX either cosmetically, or to address pain, experience very few side effects. Some common ones include slight bruising or redness, but this should dissipate within a few days.

Contact Our Burnby Dental Office

If you have questions about how BOTOX can help with your pain or make you look younger, we can help! Contact our Burnaby, BC dental office to learn more about BOTOX treatment today.


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