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Damaged Teeth can Be Treated with Cosmetic Dentistry

April 21, 2016
Posted By: Jennifer Rensen, DMD
Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions in Burnaby BC

Having a beautiful smile is not just about looks! The proper restorations can actually improve the function and comfort of your smile. Many dental conditions can be treated or repaired with cosmetic dentistry. 

If you have severely worn, cracked, or chipped teeth, your teeth are at a greater risk of developing decay and additional damage. Your enamel is the protective covering over your teeth and when it is compromised, your tooth structure becomes unstable.

Treatments for Worn Teeth

By treating your worn teeth, we can protect them! Two of the most common ways to repair damaged teeth is with dental bonding and dental crowns. Cosmetic dental bonding works by filling in chips and gaps in your teeth. This not only gives your smile a more uniform look, but it keeps decay from creeping inside the softer dentin of your teeth. Cosmetic dental bonding works by adding to your existing tooth structure, making it one of the least invasive cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Dental Crowns in V5H 1Y8

Dental crowns protect the entire surface of your tooth above your gumline. Dental crowns, also called tooth caps, fit over your entire tooth providing it with support and absorbing force from chewing. Modern materials such as porcelain and ceramic will match your teeth perfectly so that your dentistry does not negatively impact the beauty of your smile.

Worn teeth can create problems with being able to chew food properly. When left untreated, severely work teeth may even cause jaw problems due to malocclusion, also known as a poor bite. Clenching and grinding your teeth while you sleep can prematurely wear them, making them appear aged. They may even be sensitive or painful. A combination of dental crowns and veneers can restore the beauty of your smile and the comfort of your bite.

We will take impressions to create a dental crown that matches your teeth and fits well so that you look great and feel comfortable.

If you are looking for quality cosmetic dentistry in Burnaby, BC, contact our office. We look forward to helping you achieve the goals that you have for the health and appearance of your smile.

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