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What to Expect During a Root Canal

December 31, 2018
Posted By: Fanny Chu, DMD
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Most people have an innate fear of the root canal because of their bad reputation. Although root canals are usually associated with pain, it’s usually the pain of a toothache rather than the pain of the procedure itself. With modern dentistry, root canals are painless procedures that can alleviate the pain of your toothache—and it can save your tooth from needing extraction.

Here is more information on what you can expect when you come to our Burnaby, BC dental clinic for a root canal.

When Root Canals Are Needed

If you suddenly start to notice that a tooth is sensitive to hot or cold foods or beverages, and that sensitivity turns into a toothache, chances are you have in infection in the tooth root. Dental pain is never normal, and a tooth infection will not go away on its own, so it’s crucial you seek immediate treatment. If you don’t treat the infection, it can spread to other teeth and even other areas of your body. You also risk losing the affected tooth.

What Happens During a Root Canal

Once we ascertain that you need a root canal, we will thoroughly numb the area. This will make the procedure comfortable and will help reduce the pain from a toothache.

Your dentist will drill a tiny hole in your tooth to remove the infected tooth pulp from your root. The area is thoroughly cleaned and rinsed with an antiseptic to get rid of all the bacteria. The root is then filled and sealed to keep it free of infection going forward. We usually recommend a dental crown for the remaining tooth structure to strengthen it.

You might have some sensitivity in the area in the days following the procedure, but your excruciating toothache will be gone.

Contact Our Burnaby BC Dental Clinic

Contact our Burnaby, BC dental clinic if you have toothache pain and think you might need a root canal. Rest assured you will be in good hands at Central Park Dental Clinic.

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