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Finding an Emergency Dentist Near Me

September 21, 2022
Posted By: Central Park Dental Clinic

We provide emergency dentistry in Burnaby, BC, to relieve pain and restore oral health.

Dental emergencies occur for many reasons, but you want relief fast when you have a toothache or oral distress.

Dental Emergencies Treated at Central Park Dental Clinic

We treat all dental emergencies, including:

  • Toothaches and increasing tooth sensitivity
  • Oral swelling and irritation
  • Oral injuries to the teeth or mouth
  • Broken or dislodged teeth and restorations

When it comes to dental emergencies, there are many possible scenarios, making it impossible to list them all. So, we suggest calling our dental office if you notice an oral change that does not improve. A team member can assess your symptoms and make the best recommendation.

Treating Common Dental Emergencies

Tooth root infections are probably the most common dental emergencies. Root infections typically cause tooth pain and isolated swelling, requiring emergency intervention from your dentist.

Root canal therapy involves numbing the area around the infected tooth and gently extracting the infection. Later, we cap the tooth with a dental crown to reinstate strength and function. The tooth crown is customized to look like your natural teeth.

Another common dental emergency is tooth breakage due to untreated decay. Your dentist will try to save the tooth, but if it needs extracting, we’ll talk to you about tooth replacement options.

Lowering Your Risks for Dental Emergencies

Because the most common dental emergencies involve decay and infection, you can lower your risks through excellent oral hygiene and regular dental visits for checkups and teeth cleanings.

If you’re athletic, wear a mouthguard to protect against sports injuries. And always wear your nightguard if you’re diagnosed with bruxism (teeth grinding and clenching).

Your Emergency Dentist Near Me

If you have a dental emergency or suspect you might, we want to hear from you. Give us a call to speak with a knowledgeable team member as soon as possible.

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