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3 Ways to Help Your Child with Sensory Difficulties Learn to Brush Their Teeth

January 11, 2017
Posted By: Jennifer Rensen, DMD
Toothbrushing for Children Burnaby BC

It’s tough enough to get kids to hold still for twice-daily tooth brushing. If you have a child on the autism spectrum with sensory difficulties, however, it might feel like a daily battle.

Kids with sensory issues often feel things more intensely than other children, and some of the products, techniques, and ideas about daily oral care do not address this particular topic or provide much help.

Your Burnaby, BC dentist at Central Park Dental Clinic can provide some great methods to help even the most resistant children develop good brushing habits.

1. Try Something New

If you have a child with sensory issues, you know too well that most common products do not have your little one in mind. Here are some ideas to change up your child’s experience and meet them in a place where they can enjoy comfortable home oral care.

Some toothbrush bristles can feel overly abrasive. Super-soft toothbrushes on the market often cater to patients with tooth sensitivity or recession, but this option can give your child a more comfortable experience. Nimbus® is one brand with micro-fine bristles that feel more like a feather than a brush. They still clean teeth effectively, but provide a comfortable option for sensitive patients.

Overly minty or cinnamon toothpaste can also feel overwhelming to kids with sensory issues. Try a mild toothpaste-like strawberry, or even an unflavored one, to make cleaning your child’s teeth more comfortable.

2. Ease Into Daily Brushing Habits

As with all new habits, it is a great approach to start small. Brush gently and ease your way into the full routine. You can try different methods to distract your little one – sing, make it into a game, bribe with rewards, or keep a success chart.

3. Make Tooth Brushing Fun and Interactive

Playing your child’s favorite song for two minutes, letting them practice brushing your teeth, or even brushing your teeth together can give your child the extra attention and fun they need to develop a healthy habit.

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