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A Better Option Than Traditional Surgery for Treating Advanced Gum Disease

April 11, 2019
Posted By: Fanny Chu, DMD
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If you are struggling with severe periodontal disease, you might have been dreading traditional gum disease surgery. The good news is that you have another option. Laser gum surgery, also known as Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®) protocol, at our Burnaby, BC dental clinic offers patients many advantages.

What It Means to Opt for LANAP Over Traditional Gum Surgery

Patients who undergo the LANAP procedure experience many advantages:

  • With lasers, there is no need to “cut” the gums, so there are no stitches after treatment. This dramatically speeds up the healing time after treatment.
  • There is minimal bleeding with laser gum surgery.
  • The heat of the laser sterilizes the gum pockets, which lessens the likelihood of bacteria spreading.
  • Healthy gum tissue is preserved because of the precision of the laser.
  • Downtime after treatment is minimal for most patients, and many return to work the very next day.
  • There are no complications with laser treatment, nor does it interfere with any medications.

What to Expect With LANAP Gum Surgery

We perform the procedure over two appointments, each lasting about two hours and taking place within a week of each other. We’ll do half of your mouth in the first appointment and the other half in the second. You will be fully anesthetized before we get started so that the procedure will be pain-free.

Immediately after the procedure, you will need to avoid brushing and flossing, so the gum tissue is not disturbed. We also recommend a liquid or soft food diet for a few weeks after the surgery.

Follow-up visits to our dental clinic are crucial so we can monitor your gums to ensure the infection is completely resolved.

Contact Our Burnaby, BC Dental Clinic

If you would like to learn more about gum disease treatment in Burnaby, BC, contact our dental office, and we can tell you about LANAP and laser gum surgery. We look forward to welcoming you to Central Park Dental Clinic! 

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