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3 Symptoms That Might Mean It's Time to Think about a Root Canal

May 28, 2018
Posted By: Fanny Chu, DMD
Root Canal Procedure Diagram

Many patients want to deny that it’s time for a root canal to heal an ailing tooth. Sometimes, it’s because of the unfair reputation that root canals are painful and lengthy procedures. We offer comfortable root canal therapy in our Burnaby, BC dental clinic to save your natural tooth as one of the most conservative ways to protect your smile.

3 Signs That Might Lead to Root Canal Therapy

Proper diagnosis of the need for root canal therapy requires a visit to our Burnaby, BC dental clinic. In the meantime, here are a few signs to look for:

A Toothache and Swelling

Often the first sign that something is wrong with a tooth is that it feels painful. Pain may also worsen with the pressure of chewing or when exposed to hot or cold liquids.

Swelling of the jaw, face, or gum tissue may also indicate that an infection exists. Swelling may also worsen with time or while sleeping.

A Small Pimple on the Gums

A small pimple or lesion, called a fistula, may appear on the gums. This is the body’s natural way of draining the pus that develops from an infection. A bad taste or foul breath can accompany this lesion.

Discolouration of the Tooth

Sometimes, a root canal becomes necessary when a tooth sustains trauma from an accident or sports-related injury. This type of discolouration will not respond to teeth whitening agents.

Internal discolouration may mean a fractured root, which requires an extraction In other cases, your tooth can benefit from root canal treatment. Internal bleaching of the tooth, a crown, or a porcelain veneer will solve the problem of a dark-coloured tooth.

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Tooth pain can often worsen with time. We are here to help you regain your comfort and oral health with gentle root canal therapy in Burnaby, BC.

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