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Are dental implants or dentures right for me?

Dentistry is a highly personal decision between you and your dentists. At Central Park Dental Clinic, each of our dentists is dedicated to providing highly personalised dentistry that meets your goals. We are not in the business of selling one procedure over the other but will go over the pros and cons of each type of treatment and help you decide which dentalDentures | Central Park Dental Clinic service will work best for you.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are effective for replacing one or more missing teeth with a standalone treatment that replaces both the root of your tooth and the tooth itself. This is an effective tooth-replacement option that also helps to retain your bone. We place and restore dental implants in our Burnaby, BC dental clinic.

Dentures in Burnaby BC

Dentures have the benefit of replacing multiple teeth at once and are often more affordable than having a dozen or more dental implants. While dentures do not assist with bone retention, they have improved in quality over the last decade and now fit more comfortably and look more attractive than ever.

If you are a person who likes the best of both worlds, implant-retained dentures offer the security and stability of dental implants with the affordability of dentures. Four or more dental implants lock your denture in place, so it doesn’t move when you’re eating or kissing your sweetheart, saving you from a potentially embarrassing moment.

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