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Are invisible braces right for me?

Woman smiling If you’re considering braces, Clear Aligner or Invisalign are great options. The benefits of Invisalign and Clear Aligner, in fact, are superior to previous-era braces; also known as metal braces.

With Invisalign or Clear Aligners, you have none of the bulky wires or metal that can snag. Clear orthodontics are also aesthetically appealing because they are invisible!

What to Expect From Invisalign Treatments

Invisalign and Clear Aligner trays are custom designed to fit the unique contours of your mouth. They can even be removed for optimal brushing and flossing, and you don’t have to wear them when you eat!

Invisible braces are right for you if you want to enhance your smile by straightening teeth that are crooked. They also work to close gaps between teeth over time.

Invisalign Can Help With Orthodontic Relapse

Additionally, Invisalign and Clear Aligners are useful in the treatment of orthodontic relapse, a condition that means your teeth are drifting following a previous orthodontic procedure or after failing to wear your retainer as prescribed.

Ultimately, our skilled dentists at Central Park Dental Clinic will decide whether Invisalign or Clear Aligners are right for you after a comprehensive oral assessment.

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Contact our Burnaby, BC dental office today if you would like to schedule an oral health assessment and learn whether clear aligners are right for you.

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