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I have been told I need a crown. Does that also mean I need a root canal?

Not necessarily. We recommend a crown when the visible part of your tooth is at risk of fracture during a function, like eating. These situations include teeth with large fillings, Diagram of a root canal weak cusps, and also teeth with significant cracks. Crowns completely cover the exposed part of your tooth and provide added stability.

Teeth that have had root canal treatment often require a dental crown because of the need to remove a significant amount of tooth structure. Plus, removing the nerve can cause teeth to become brittle after root canal treatment.

However, a broken tooth that is responding normally and without infection can often be restored with a crown only, and many of such teeth are restored successfully to provide many years of service.

Root Canals in Burnaby 

Root canals are prescribed in situations where the nerves of the teeth are compromised or an infection exists. Large cavities and broken areas may be very close to the nerves of the teeth. While they may be responding normally and without infection now, the nerves of a small number of teeth may die in the course of function or even the simple preparation of teeth for a crown. The good news is that the vast majority of these teeth can have root canal treatment done through the crowns without replacing them. 

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