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How do I deal with a dental emergency?

Woman using a ice pack on her sore jawFirst, you have to distinguish between a dental emergency and a dental incident. A dental incident includes things like a tooth that has chipped or a temporary crown that has fallen off. A chipped tooth that is sharp to the tongue and not causing pain in the tooth itself is generally not considered a dental emergency. If a broken tooth is sharp to the tongue, you can generally place a piece of (chewed up) gum around the sharp edges and wait until the next day to have the tooth looked at. If a temporary crown has fallen off, the simplest thing to do is to avoid chewing on the tooth to minimize potential damage. These situations usually do not require immediate attention.

What is Considered a Dental Emergency  

A true dental emergency involves a tooth that has been displaced from trauma, an infection that is rapidly developing, or a suddenly developing pain that is not relenting. All of these scenarios involve potentially tooth or life-threatening situations that are best seen by a dentist immediately. Our Burnaby, BC dental clinic always makes time for true emergencies. If it is after hours, our office will provide a contact number from our dentists who can assess you over the phone as best as possible. Fortunately, most cases can be dealt with by prescription medications until definitive treatment is provided.

Contact Our Burnaby BC Dental Clinic

If you are unable to immediately get in touch with your dentist, the best place to go would be your local hospital where they can deal with trauma and infection cases effectively. In the case of trauma, they can also provide treatment for facial wounds and update tetanus shots as required. Please contact Central Park Dental Clinic if you have any more concerns on emergency dental care in the Burnaby area.

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