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How do I avoid dry socket?

Dental tool extracting tooth | Central Park Dental ClinicYou will always receive specific post-treatment care after you have a dental extraction.

Most dental extractions heal quickly and without incident. The most common condition that can develop during the healing process is dry socket, which can slow down healing and feel painful.

How Dry Sockets Develop

Dry socket usually develops when patients partake of certain behaviours such as drinking through a straw or smoking cigarettes. In fact, dry socket can occur with anyone who makes a sucking motion with their mouths while their surgical site is still fresh. This might extend to eating and drinking certain foods as well as unconscious habits.

How to Avoid Dry Sockets

This pressure can dislodge necessary healing tissue that develops shortly after surgery. The best way to avoid it is to treat your mouth gently, avoid straws or smoking, and eat on the side of your mouth unaffected by surgery. If you have had multiple extractions, such as wisdom teeth, stick to soft foods until Dr. Chan gives you the “all clear” to resume a normal diet.

If you ever have questions about how to care for your dental extractions, contact us directly at our Burnaby, BC dental office. Our team is friendly, knowledgeable, and are here to help you enjoy a comfortable and fast recovery.