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What can I expect with BOTOX® treatment?

man holding jaw from pain If you suffer from headaches, jaw pain, or have an interest in improving the appearance of your face, you have probably heard of BOTOX Cosmetic. Many of our patients enjoy the benefits that BOTOX® treatment offers.

BOTOX® can treat headaches, jaw pain, and correct the appearance of wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes, and near the mouth without the use of fillers.

BOTOX Treatment in Burnaby

It works by relaxing the muscles in a targeted area. When used properly, you will not have to worry about a “frozen face” appearance.

We will first make small marks to identify the areas which may benefit from BOTOX® treatment. The idea of injections may cause uneasiness with some patients, but BOTOX® injections are tolerated well by most patients and cause little post-treatment discomfort.

Within a few days to a week after your treatment, you will begin to notice a subtle difference where BOTOX® was applied. Muscle tension will reduce, allowing those muscles to relax and smooth out. For most patients, the positive effects of BOTOX® last about four to six months when you may begin to feel it wearing out. So that you can continue to enjoy the benefits, we invite you to come back in for a maintenance treatment.

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