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When is an extraction necessary?

Dental Extraction Patients who come to us often believe that extraction is the only option to resolve a painful or diseased tooth. In reality, dental extraction is our last treatment recommendation at our Burnaby, BC dental clinic, and we only remove a damaged tooth when root canals, dental crowns, and other restorative options fail.

When a Dental Extraction Might Be Necessary

Some of the reasons we might need to remove a damaged tooth include:

  • Unresponsive to root canal treatment
  • Broken at or below the gumline
  • Problematic wisdom teeth
  • Overcrowding 
  • Resistant to treatments that relieve pain
  • When planning for complete dentures

Before suggesting a dental extraction, our Burnaby, BC dental team will evaluate the tooth and potential treatment options. We will go over all of these options, along with their benefits, limitations, and risks at your consultation appointment. We use education aids, such as intraoral cameras and x-rays to show you your own tooth. Having all of the information empowers our patients to make an educated choice that works best for their smiles.

If you do require an extraction that leaves a gap in your smile, we offer plenty of natural-looking options to give you your smile back.

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