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When is a filling necessary?

Close Up of patient getting fillingWe use the latest detection technology to regularly screen your teeth for signs of decay. Decay begins because bacteria create an acidic environment and soften the protective outer shell of your tooth, known as enamel.

When treated early, you may only need a tooth-coloured filling to protect your teeth. That is why regular screening and preventive treatments are so important! When we have the chance to examine your teeth at least twice yearly, we can stop many problems before they even start.

Dental Fillings Process in Burnaby

Before we place a filling, one of our gentle dentists will remove all signs of decay and bacteria. Once we remove decay from your tooth, we need to seal and protect the area with tooth-coloured composite to prevent food particles and bacteria from re-entering your tooth.

Composite comes in a variety of shades and we can match it to your tooth, making your filling virtually undetectable. During the final steps of your treatment, we will polish your filling and shape it so that it feels comfortable and looks completely natural.

When left untreated, cavities can travel into the area of your tooth that houses your nerve and can cause you pain, potentially creating the need for a root canal or crown. Early treatment can save you time, hassle, and money!

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