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How can I best keep up with oral care during the flu season?

Mother, father, daughter, and sonIt’s always important to consider your oral health, but even more important during flu season because a healthy mouth can help you recover faster.

As your dentist in Burnaby, BC, we want to make sure that you have the best tips to protect your teeth and your body when it seems everyone is sick.

Cover Your Mouth and Wash Your Hands

If you are sick or trying to avoid sickness, covering your mouth when you cough and sneeze can help. Also be sure to wash your hands – a lot. If you think about it, trolleys and hand baskets at the market have thousands of hands on them every day. Trains are also a haven for spreading disease. It’s a good practise to wash your hands after touching anything – door handles, faucets and anything else you come in contact with.

Rinse if You Vomit

The stomach acid passing through your mouth can deteriorate teeth, but brushing your teeth right away can cause additional damage to enamel. Rinse with plain water and swish it around your mouth immediately after. You can brush your teeth in about 30 minutes when saliva restores the natural pH of your mouth.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking plain water is best when you are sick because many electrolyte drinks contain sugar, which contributes to decay. Being ill can lead to dehydration, making you more susceptible to periodontal disease and dental decay.

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For more great information on how to stay healthy, your dentist in Burnaby, BC is here to help. Call us for your next dental appointment.

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