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How painful is root canal therapy?

Diagram of root canal procedurePatients who worry about root canal pain are in for a pleasant surprise. The dental procedure is virtually pain-free! Many people who visit our Burnaby dental clinic associate root canal therapy with pain, but it’s generally pain that brings people in. The pain is caused by an infection deep within the tooth root, and a root canal will actually relieve the pain and remove the infection.

Comfortable Root Canal Treatment in Burnaby

The root canal procedure is a common one that is no worse than getting an average filling—and it can save your infected tooth from extraction. Once our dentists have determined a root canal is necessary, the area to be treated will be thoroughly numbed. That alone will probably help with the pain you are feeling.

Root Canal Procedure

When we are certain you are comfortable, we will make a tiny hole in the affected tooth and remove the infected tooth pulp. After thoroughly cleaning the tooth root and saturating it with an antibiotic, the area is plugged and sealed to prevent infection from spreading. In most cases, we will recommend a dental crown to protect, strengthen, and save the remaining tooth structure.

The area might be tender for a few days, but soon after your tooth should feel normal again, and you can chew normally. 

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