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What can veneers do for my smile?

Woman getting veneers Veneers provide the most dramatic results as part of your cosmetic dentistry treatment plan. We provide beautiful dental veneers in our Burnaby, BC dental office as a solution to many aesthetic problems.

Adds Length to Worn Teeth

A chronic teeth grinding habit, called bruxism, can lead to worn down or short-looking teeth. Dental veneers add length so that your smile looks young and natural again.

Dental veneers can wear or break when constantly exposed to teeth grinding. Wearing a nightguard every night can protect them, along with your natural teeth.

Improves Tooth Colour

Medications, demineralisation, and deep stains may keep you from smiling. Veneers completely cover teeth and can improve colour. In some cases, teeth whitening before you have veneers will give you even better results.

Close Gaps Between Teeth

A gap between teeth can be embarrassing, but having braces seems a bit extreme. In some cases, porcelain veneers can close gaps between teeth without braces or Invisalign. This reduces treatment time and the steps involved in achieving your dream smile.

Make Teeth Look Uniform

If you have one or two teeth that look out of place, porcelain veneers can make your smile look perfect and uniform.

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