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How often should I visit the dentist?

Most healthy patients can see their dentist every six months for teeth cleaning and checkup and successfully maintain their excellent dental health.

However, if you struggle to manage gum disease, you may need extra preventive teeth cleanings throughout the year to keep your condition at bay. Unfortunately, there's no cure for gum disease, but these additional visits to your hygienist to keep your teeth clean and bacteria-free can help you manage your condition. 

Gum disease is an infection of your gums and the bone that supports your teeth. If you don't treat it, gum disease can cause damage to your teeth's support system, resulting in tooth loss. This condition is prevalent in adults over 30, so preventive checkups and teeth cleanings are the best way to protect your smile and dental health. 

Routine visits to your Burnaby dentist can also save you from dealing with more costly treatment in the future. Your dentist will check your teeth and current restorations to make you aware of any concerns as early as possible. This can help you avoid costly and painful dental issues and keep you away from the dental chair.

If it's time for your next teeth cleaning and checkup, call your "dentist near me" in Burnaby at (604) 438-5261 to book your next appointment.


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