Dental Crowns in Burnaby, BC

Just like having the right equipment to wear when you’re playing sports or performing a specific activity, having the correct type of dental restoration is necessary to support and repair a damaged tooth. The type of dental restoration that will work best for you depends not only on your condition but also on the location of your tooth.

dental crowns | Dentist Burnaby BCWhen you come to Central Park Dental Clinic, you can expect accuracy, quality, and precision from our dentists. We will perform a full evaluation of any dental conditions and provide you with a treatment plan that supports your oral health and the longevity of your smile.

When Do I Need a Dental Crown?

When you have small areas of decay or chips, a dental filling might be enough to get the job done, but if you have severe damage to your tooth such as a crack, fracture, or deep decay, we may recommend a dental crown to treat your condition.

Because a dental crown fits over your entire tooth structure, it supplies the very best support available to protect your teeth. If you think about it, your teeth absorb a huge amount of force every day from normal activities such as eating. Especially on one of your molars, your teeth responsible for most of the chewing you do, a simple filling may not be enough to do the trick.

What Types of Materials Make Up Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns come in a wide variety of materials:

  • Porcelain
  • Porcelain and noble metal
  • Gold
  • Other metals
  • Zirconia

The type of material that will work best for your unique case depends upon the location of your tooth, your lifestyle habits such as grinding, and whether it is a permanent tooth. Dr. Chan, Dr. Rensen, Dr. Chu, or Dr. Day will evaluate your case and provide a recommendation that will work best for you.

Are Dental Crown Procedures Complex?woman smiling | Dentist Burnaby BC

Drs. Chan, Rensen, Chu, and Day all have years of experience prepping and placing strong, attractive dental crowns. While your dental crown procedure does require experience, skills, and precision, your treatment should feel completely comfortable.

We will begin by removing any dental decay that could disrupt the integrity of your tooth. Next, we will prepare your remaining tooth structure to make room for your crown. This is the point where we would add a post and core, if necessary to further stabilize your tooth.

Once we prep your tooth, we will provide you with a temporary crown until your custom crown comes back from our trusted dental lab. After we receive your permanent dental crown, we will attach it to your tooth and make any final necessary adjustments to ensure a proper fit.

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